FinishWell Stories

FinishWell stories are not necessarily about outperforming markets and benchmarks. It is more about choosing a target that you can control through proven strategies. We educate you in these strategies. This gives you a sense of certainty regarding your goals and aspirations. You receive peace of mind and a more certain future, where you can focus on living a life you can love. We advise and plan around all areas of financial planning. We specialise around superannuation and we educate around making informed superannuation choices as an employee. 

Don't be a horror story. These people failed to plan:

  • The business professional and her partner who have lost control of their finances with over $250,000 of car and personal credit debt.
  • The person who swapped his own superannuation and inadvertently cancelled all his life and income insurances in the process.
  • The builders who have set up their business with inappropriate or non-existing structure, costing them tens of thousands of dollars.
  • The family who lost everything and had to rebuild after a devastating life event, because they had no personal insurances in place.
  • The many retirees who have lost more than 40% of retirement money because they did not have appropriate advice to invest more conservatively earlier in life.
  • The many people who are paying 700% higher fees than they need to be paying inside their super or investment.

Financial Planning with a Purpose

An accountant can help you minimise taxation.

A real estate agent can sell you a property.

A stockbroker can buy shares for you.

A mortgage broker can get you the financing.

An insurance broker can provide you insurance.

A financial adviser can give you advice.

A lawyer can help you set up an estate plan.

… but very few have the capability and expertise to combine all these elements into an integrated financial plan that ensures your financial security and success.

Success stories we have helped create:

  • The couple who was in the process of retiring and in absolute fear and ignorance of how they were going to survive in retirement. They had a self-managed super fund that was unnecessary and were heavily invested in aggressive shares at the wrong end of life. They needed certainty and clarity about Centrelink and Pension benefits. They received this advice and are great advocates for FinishWell.
  • The medical professional who was very worried about markets. We placed him in some managed funds and Investment bonds that were both conservative, diversified portfolios with major tax efficiencies moving forward. 
  • We have had many people change superannuation providers as we commonly save our client community up to 80% in super fees. This can make a six-figure difference when hitting retirement.

Other Success stories we have helped create:

Chris White - approaching retirement within the next 2-3 years.

For to many years I tried to manage my own funds and future by myself. To be honest it was overwhelming, and incredibly stressful. Even though I knew what I had, I didn’t know how my future looked for retirement, would I have enough, have I invested in the best place for me etc.

I enlisted the services of Malcolm Flowers and the FinishWell team, and at once wished it was something I had done years previously.

FinishWell quickly put me at ease, made things very simple, and with a bit of questioning, put together a very clear road map for mine and my wifes future. I don’t watch the stock market everyday, but now have a peace about where we are going and what we will have for retirement.

I am amazed at people who are in my position that are either too fearful, embarrassed, or think they don’t have enough to invest to adopt the services of Financial Planning teams like FinishWell. I would encourage anyone who is in this position to at least start the discussion, with FinishWell, and be willing to invest a relative small amount of money into what will be a clear picture of your future.

This statement has been made without any solicitation whatsoever.

Thanks Malcolm, thanks FinishWell!

We understand finances are both scary and challenging to master.

We join with you to plan your financial future and grow with you to be financially outstanding. We provide full scope of financial planning – planning with a purpose!