Team FinishWell

Turning your financial confusion and stress to financial clarity and certainty.

Why FinishWell?

People like you walk into financial commitments and make financial decisions with very differing outcomes. Financially, there are valleys, mountains, cliffs, bears, bulls, wars, pandemics, winters, summers and super storms that can wipe out trillions of dollars. More importantly, these events destroy relationships and whole communities. Do you need certainty in these times, or continue in fear and despair?

FinishWell is about being a lighthouse, so you can remain sailing in the right direction. At FinishWell we believe there is no single direction you need to travel but many wonderful paths that lead to a life of greater freedom and better choices, leading to greater fulfilment. A lighthouse simply ensures your finances do not end up on the rocks. 

FinishWell delivers peace of mind and certainty in a world filled with anxiety and uncertainty. You discover strategies that do not rely on extraordinary returns or hefty debt levels. Reducing your fears and concerns through education and setting positive, realistic expectations allows you to live the dream. More than anything, FinishWell is about setting specific, measurable goals you can begin moving towards today, because today is the day for you to make good healthy choices about your tomorrow.

Finally, FinishWell can be empowered by you to keep you accountable to your own goals and desires. We always have the end in mind when it comes to your life journey. You have a story that can be reframed. You need your story to FinishWell…….. you can do it!

We understand finances are both scary and challenging to master.

We join with you to plan your financial future and grow with you to be financially outstanding. We provide full scope of financial planning – planning with a purpose!