SuperChoice Specialists

Do you understand SuperChoice and how it can benefit you?

No, or not sure? Then you are with most Australians, who are in the dark about their superannuation.

We ask people like you, where their money is invested, and they often do not really know. We also get it. You have not been informed, as you may have had an industry fund or employer fund pushed onto you by the employer you first worked with. Employers do not educate you or inform you. 

FinishWell SuperChoice Specialists

We encourage you to consider your own super situation in this turbulent financial season. It is very likely that there are better options available for your super fund. Meet with the FinishWell team to see what’s possible for you.

Here’s what you can get out of a SuperChoice consultation!

  • Fees, on average, 50 – 80% lower than your current fund.
  • Peace of mind and  financial certainty for your future.
  • Choice of thousands of investment options, of which we will recommend the most appropriate for your personal preferences and circumstances.

There are usually no out-of-pocket costs for reviewing your super.

What this means for you

No changes will be made to your superannuation payments unless you request it but we would encourage you to schedule a private, 30-minute Discovery Meeting with FinishWell.

This meeting is an opportunity to review your superannuation fees. It also ensures you have the right investment for an uncertain time such as this. Malcolm and Brig from FinishWell will show you exactly what this all means for you and your personal position before making any changes. They are committed to providing more certainty for you right now, during these less certain times.

We want you to have peace of mind in your financial future and trust that you find this to be a great chance to improve your financial position.